The People

Pavel Parks - Founder and CEO

Pavel-Parks Growing up in the Caribbean island of Tobago Pavel Parks has always had a deep appreciation and respect for nature and the environment. With his Science (Biotechnology) and Finance/Business background Pavel enjoys combining the various aspects of preserving the environment with the business aspect of running renewable energy projects - whilst at the same time contributing to community development. Pavel Parks has lectured at various universities in South Africa and is currently pursuing a PhD in renewable energy..

Dr Fawzy Basardien - Founder and COO

Fawzy Basardien

Fawzy Basardien has completed his PhD in Entrepreneurship using psychological predictors to measure and predict entrepreneurial success at The Graduate School of Business at University of Cape Town. He was awarded a SANPAD scholarship with UCT and the Netherlands Government in 2007/2008 in research methodology. Fawzy is currently operating a consultancy and specialises in research, training and consulting. He has a special interest in renewable energy and in particular, biogas technology and water recycling systems. He has also worked on an international project where biogas applications were tested in a rural setting.

Partners and Donors

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