Solar technology

CSP Technology

Together with our European partner we are bringing CSP thermal energy  storage technology to the South African market which is based on linear Fresnel reflectors. The direct normal irradiation (DNI) of South Africa is high, particularly in the Northern Cape regions around Upington and west of Upington. We have some valid interest in housing the pilot in this region, in which we would showcase the co generative prowess of the system.

Though the DNI annually is in scope of 2800kwh/m2 in the region, there are also many areas in the North West and in the Eastern Cape that boast considerable DNI for our feasibility study.

Grid Stability

CSP Fresnel with thermal storage energy has a serious advantage over other renewable energy technologies due to its predictability in dispatch which can therefore support peak periods.

Socio-economic benefits

With the advent of committed pipeline of CSP Fresnel projects, CSP Fresnel will add valuable economic benefits through the creation of new jobs, GDP growth, international trade and energy security.

Explicative images from web of LFR systems are shown below:

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