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Phillipi Biogas Project Site:

Philippi, like many townships in Cape Town, faces many social problems, including lack of education, violent crime, substance abuse, environmental degradation and a rise in the number of residents with HIV/AIDS. These abject social conditions are arguably rooted in the structural violence – violation of human rights through governmental structures – that the apartheid system created in many townships throughout the Western Cape.

Construction of digesters in progress. For more pictures, please click on Photo Gallery

The project site is situated in the Philippi Horticultural area, at number 12 Boom Street, Schaapkraal and has been zoned as agricultural. Previous studies have made reference to the bucket system in the area. These communities face further challenges in rising energy costs and access to electricity. Wood, coal and paraffin based sources of power in these homes have been found to impact directly on the quality of lives of the township populations.

A need has been established to replace the current forms of energy in the informal settlements with biogas as an environmentally friendly, efficient, cheaper form or energy.

Two 10m3 bio-digesters have been constructed on site. The 20m3 plant at the project site could produce between 12000 and 15000 litres of biogas per batch load. This equates to energy production of between 25kw per batch (more than 100 hours of cooking time). Some of the biogas produced will be used to subsidise current supply of energy for the irrigation pumps and other diesel machines on the farm. The manufacturing of the organic fertiliser will take place as well, but the infrastructure for this has not been constructed as yet.





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