Eastern Cape

Fort Cox College of Agriculture and Forestry

At Fort Cox Agricultural College livestock and agricultural farming takes place. The informal settlements benefitting from this project are Middledrift which is +/- 12km from the site and Alice which is +/- 30km from the site.

Access to basic services at the informal settlements identified are limited and sometimes absent. It is important to emphasize that the project also aimed at educating the poor on having a mind-shift, moving away from “dependency-thinking” to “self-sustaining thinking”.  

Two 10m3 bio-digesters have been constructed on site and substrates are being tested on site.  Fort Cox College are using the digesters to conduct research on biogas.

Melani Village (Eastern Cape)

Melani is a rural village located approximately 12 km North of Alice Town and the University of Fort Hare, Eastern Cape, South Africa; it consists of approximately 500 households, housing approximately 3000 people with a clear 70% majority between the working age of 20 and 50 years and characterized by the lack of skills.

A 10m3 digester has been constructed on site. The biogas project will be an asset to the community by improving the energy provided to the community, as well as attracting additional attention of potential investors to the rural village. In Melani Village the community will be provided with biobags and appliances that will work on biogas.

The University of Fort Hare in Alice (Eastern Cape)

The University of Fort Hare in Alice has provided space on their premises to construct digesters in order to conduct research on biogas. Africa Green Energy has provided them with an 8m3 digester.

Partners and Donors

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