Pilot Projects Biogas

In 2010 Silver Solutions T/A Africa Green Energy Technologies in partnership with the MJC Poverty Eradication Project (Western Cape) and Fort Cox Agricultural College (Eastern Cape) was commissioned by the Department of Energy through the South African National Energy Research Institute (Pty) Ltd (SANERI), the project funder, to undertake a pilot study which falls under the “Working for Energy” (WFE) Programme. 

The main goal of the project was to set up and commission biogas clusters to empower and to ensure broad-based beneficiation to disenfranchised communities in the Western Cape as well as in the Eastern Cape.

Biogas is currently being generated by using an anaerobic animal dung and food wastes treating system (biogas digester) in order to generate renewable energy and organic fertiliser.

Beneficiaries of the project have replaced their current sources of energy, which is paraffin, wood and coal (mainly used for cooking) with biogas, as a safer, economically viable and environmentally friendly source of energy.

Four sites were identified for the project, namely: 

• The MJC Poverty Eradication Project, situated in Schaapkraal, Phillipi (Western Cape),
• The University of Fort Hare in Alice (Eastern Cape),
• Fort Cox Agricultural College (Eastern Cape) and
• Melani Village (Eastern Cape)


Partners and Donors

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