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Africa Green Energy Technologies (AGET) is a private company based in Cape Town, South Africa specializing in renewable energy technologies. The company focuses on renewable energy and energy efficiency consulting, training, research and installation/commissioning of biogas and CSP plants. AGET is a registered contractor with the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB). To date the company has installed biogas plants in the Eastern and Western Cape and has done feasibility assessments for private sector companies, government and NGOs.

AGET has entered into a partnership with a European company and this co-operation will bring a unique linear Fresnel CSP technology to South Africa, which in turn will bring a competitive, improved solar technology to the existing market.


Africa Green Energy Technologies aims to establish a biogas industry in South Africa against the backdrop of increasing poverty in the rural areas of South Africa, difficult service delivery (specifically water, sanitation and electricity related) in these areas and high costs associated with such services. Additionally, electricity shortages are increasing as typified through the marked increase in blackouts across the country over the past number of months, hitting rural areas the hardest. We build on the opportunities for poverty reduction that are implicit in the integrated application of biogas technology in these rural areas, and at a time when there are clear directives at national, provincial and local government levels to address these rural-area problems through programmes at national, provincial and local levels.

A national household biogas programme is likely to address more than just the rural energy issue. It has all the ingredients to also address income and food security, it offers a link between the so-called first, or formal, and second, or informal (especially rural) economies, and has all the credentials to make a significant contribution to general health and sanitation. In this context, a biogas programme can be viewed as an economic development/infrastructure and social improvement programme with an energy security base. It is, therefore, evident that a national household biogas programme can contribute significantly to achieve a range of the Millennium Development Goals.

Solar Technology

The CSP thermal energy storage technology that will be developed is based on linear Fresnel reflectors. The direct normal irradiation (DNI) of South Africa is high, particularly in the Northern Cape regions around Upington and west of Upington. We have some valid interest in housing the pilot in this region, in which we would showcase the co generative prowess of the system. Though the DNI annually is in scope of 2800kwh/m2 in the region, there are also many areas in the North West province and in the Eastern Cape that boast considerable DNI for our feasibility study.

CSP Fresnel with thermal storage energy has a serious advantage over other renewable energy technologies due to its predictability in dispatch which can therefore support peak periods.

With the advent of committed pipeline of CSP Fresnel projects, CSP Fresnel can add valuable economic benefits through the creation of new jobs, GDP growth, international trade and energy security.

Through partnerships AGET also delivers its services in:

  • Solar (CSP) Technology
  • Innovative water purification and water recycling systems – proven technologies that are able to recycle up to 90% of water usage in industrial and domestic contexts.
  • Plasma Arc technology
  • Wind energy and tidal wave energy technologies
  • Sludge and solid waste recycling
  • Solar energy (solar appliances)
  • Smart grid technology
  • Hydro power
  • Green entrepreneurship
  • Waste to Energy solutions

Partners and Donors

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